Are Your heating systems ready for Winter?

Winter is not too far off and now is the time to start checking your building heating systems and to be sure they are ready for the first cold snap.

If you have a boiler it should have the burners cleaned and inspected for clogs or cracks. Clean burners are more efficient and don’t force the boiler to work as hard to heat water. Along with this all gauges and site glass’ should be checked for proper operation.

If you have roof  top units (RTU’s) or warehouse unit heaters they should be inspected to make sure the burners are clean and not cracked. A cracked burner or heat exchanger could possibly cause a flame spill back which is a fire hazard. These units should also have any belts or filters inspected and changed. These two items should actually be done on a quarterly basis.

If you have a Quarterly Preventive Maintenance (QPM) contract with us these things will be taken care of as part of the contract. If you do not have a contract with us please call and allow us to give you a quote for your unit or building. Please contact us at 763-551-0101 or send us an email at .

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October 17, 2012