Building Rounds

To keep a building properly maintained requires regular inspection. Many buildings are too small to justify a full time maintenance person.  This means either the property manager inspects the building or waiting for tenants to call with complaints.

A better solution is to have a maintenance contractor perform Building Rounds. This means the building gets inspected on a regular basis, minor service items can be put on a to do list for the next scheduled visit of the Building Rounds personnel. This reduces the number of trips made to the building for service calls. United Operations assigns the same person to perform the Building Rounds at a specific building so that tenants become comfortable working with them. This solution frees the property manager to perform many of their other duties.

Many times Building Rounds are done on a weekly basis at the multi-story office buildings and monthly at the smaller retail and industrial buildings. The interval can be made to accommodate whatever the property manager feels necessary.

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August 7, 2012