Mold: Microscopic Mayhem

Mold can grow on most organic materials if moisture and oxygen are present.. Mold spores will begin to grow if the excessive moisture condition is not corrected. It will gradually destroy whatever it is growing on.


Mold growth happens when roof leaks, broken pipes or high humidity levels in vacancies, mechanical rooms or other spaces that are left unattended. In short there are four stages for addressing mold.: 1.  Correct the condition that allowed the growth to start. 2. Remove all excess moisture from the area. 3.  Abate and remediate the mold problem. (tear out and cleaning). 4. Maintain proper conditions so mold will not re-grow. The abatement may be avoided if the conditions are caught and the area dried out within 48 hours.


We have personnel who have completed courses in mold identification and abatement from the University of Minnesota. We would be happy to investigate any problems you may have at your building or set up a monthly inspection for building vacancies and mechanical rooms.


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June 18, 2012