Roof Drains, Downspouts & Summer Rains

Are your roof drains and downspouts ready to carry water away from building foundations?

Roof drain grates should be cleaned of debris and damaged downspouts should be repaired. Adding a splash block in a lawn area will help move water away from the building.

Slippery Sidewalks

With the snow and ice season here the sidewalks can get slippery. Supplying tenants with a bucket of salt and scoop may help deter some complaint calls. If you would like us to deliver these to any tenants give us a call.

Short Days

The winter brings shorter days. This means time clocks for exterior lights need to have their times altered to stay on longer.

Give us a call if you have and building we need to check this for you.

Stay Up To Date With UOI

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Links to all these can be found on our web site at .

Fire Alarms Systems

When was the last time you had these inspected? An annual inspection of the Fire Alarm system is required. If you do not have a vendor to do this we can recommend a few and even be on site with them if needed to gain access to all areas in your building.

Boiler Maintenance

I know it is only August but winter is going to show up eventually. We usually start preparing boilers for the winter months in September and October. If you have a building with a boiler give us a call and we can add it to the list we already have started for this heating season.

RTU Maintenance

We have had quite a few calls for no AC this past week. Some of the calls were caused by cottonwood caking the coils. If you would like a QPM contract to help prevents issues like this gives us a call.

Sump Pumps

A couple of months back I encouraged people to have their pumps checked. Since then we have had two pumps fail and flood the basements of the buildings.

If you would like us to test the operation of yours give us a call.

Emergency Lighting

With the storm season on it’s way you can expect the power to go out somewhere in the city.

Emergency lighting and battery back up exit signs help tenants find their way around and out of buildings during an emergency. These should be checked bi-annually to make sure the lamps and batteries are in working condition.

It’s Cooling Season

If you have buildings with cooling towers, they are most likely running already. A thorough start up procedure and regular tower management is essential to maintain tower efficiency and keep chemical treatment cost down.

Let us know if you would like us to look over any of your towers.