Spring Cleaning and Hazardous Materials

Spring is a good time to clean out mechanical and storage rooms. Most items can go straight into the garbage.

Old paint and computers are considered Hazardous Materials and must be disposed of properly and according to state and federal regulations.


Pest Control

Because of the mild winter and no deep freeze to kill off many of the insects, you can expect to see more of them this spring.

Give your exterminators a call to make sure they are spraying the foundations of your buildings.


Roof Drains & Downspouts

Here come the April showers. Are your roof drains and downspouts ready to carry water away from building foundations?

Roof drain grates should be cleaned of debris and damaged downspouts should be repaired. Adding a splash block in a lawn area will help move water away from the building.


Tree Pruning

They say late winter is the best time to prune most trees. This is because they have gone dormant for the year. Pruning at this time of year also makes it easier to see the branches without all the leaves covering the view.

Have your landscape crew check out your properties .


Slippery Sidewalks

With winter here the sidewalks tend to get a little icy and dangerous to navigate once in a while.

If you have a building or tenants that would like a bucket of salt and a scoop delivered to them for use while waiting for the snow contractor to arrive, let us know.


Exterior Lighting

As winter approaches the daylight hours becomes shorter. Now would be a good time to inspect your exterior lighting and have everything repaired before the winter months are here.

Let us know if you would like us to check your buildings for any problems.


Irrigation System Blow Downs

Although you couldn’t tell by the weather we have had the past couple of weeks. The temperatures will be dropping and winter will be here in a couple of months.

We will begin blow downs in October, if you are not on our list please contact us at 763-551-0101.

Hot Weather and Air Conditioning

With the hot  weather your AC units are working hard to keep you and your tenants cool. Clogged filters can make them work even harder.

If you are not set up on a QPM schedule to have filters changed please call us about getting a contract set up.


Emergency Lighting

With the storm season here you can expect the power to go out somewhere in the city. Emergency lighting and battery back up exit signs help tenants find their way around and out of buildings during an emergency. These should be checked bi-annually to make sure the lamps and batteries are in working condition.

Sump Pumps

Do you have buildings with Sump Pumps that need to be checked? Checking these units for proper operation will keep the spring and summer rains from flooding your buildings.

It may also be worth looking at installing a battery backup system for the pump.