Irrigation Systems

It’s  spring and the weather is getting warmer.  Make sure your contractors have turned your systems on and checked them for proper operation. If you would like our irrigation crew to do this for you give us a call.   We can also put you on a list for monthly or bi-monthly checks. These help to catch broken heads and the wasting of water.

Irrigation Systems

With the temperatures in the 90’s and no rain in sight, keeping the lawn, trees and other plants alive requires the irrigation systems be operating properly.


The best thing to do is start the system up and let it run through the zones while you check to make sure there are no broken heads or underground pipes and that there is even coverage for everything. If you can’t do this look for some tell-tale signs. Either dry patches or soggy areas could be signs that something is not working properly. Remember to also make sure your time clock is set to water per the city’s odd/even rules.

If you would like our irrigation crew to check your system  contact us to send up a time.

Please call 763-551-0101 or email .

Irrigation System Blow Downs

Although you couldn’t tell by the weather we have had the past couple of weeks. The temperatures will be dropping and winter will be here in a couple of months.

We will begin blow downs in October, if you are not on our list please contact us at 763-551-0101.