United Operations’ Services

Some times a client will hire us to do one thing and doesn’t know all the other services we provide. So I  will outline some of them over the next few months .

HVAC Repair and Preventive Maintenance

Troubleshoot and repair all brands of heating and cooling units.

Knowledge of various Energy Management Systems

Daily and weekly boiler inspections with service logs.

Quarterly Preventive Maintenance: filter replacement, check belts, coil leaning, heat exchanger inspection, clean condensate pans.

Contact us at 763-551-0101 or by email at service@unitedoperations.com .

RTU Maintenance

We have had quite a few calls for no AC this past week. Some of the calls were caused by cottonwood caking the coils. If you would like a QPM contract to help prevents issues like this gives us a call.

Hot Weather and Air Conditioning

With the hot  weather your AC units are working hard to keep you and your tenants cool. Clogged filters can make them work even harder.

If you are not set up on a QPM schedule to have filters changed please call us about getting a contract set up.